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About - Paula Ruiz About - Paula Ruiz

I graduated in Fine Arts 21 years ago, and this will be part of me forever...

For the last 18 years, I have been using color and light to giving life to the ideas of prestigious directors and photographers, both in Spain and worldwide. I focus my job in the film and advertising industries, and although my home base is Madrid, I love the idea of coloring around the world!

Paula Ruiz - Colour in movement


Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Master in Postproduction

I found my interest for the Color Grading side of the industry thanks to my thorough skills as Video Editor and conform Technician for over 6 years. I took the Color Grading way holding hands with Paula Ruiz, who saw in myself the technical and artistic skills that could enrich her company.

Paula Ruiz - Colour in movement